Fierce Impact.

Funding a fearless female future

Our mission

Create a fearless, financial future for women by funding social impact initiatives which help marginalised women in Australia

What drives us.

We believe in equal empowerment.

In Australia, we have access to some of the best social welfare infrastructure in the world. Yet 1 in 4 older Australians live in poverty and women are increasingly at risk. Women, on average, retire with two thirds less super than men, despite living two years longer, and 35% head into retirement without any superannuation at all.

We’re dedicated to changing this.

Every time someone makes a change using our Super Concierge Service, we donate 10% to help an Aussie woman in need.

Our goal.

Donate $100 million to Australian women living at the margins of society by helping 3 million women get more from their money.

1 Switch = $36.50 to Fierce Impact

3M Switches = $100M to Fierce Impact

Progress. It’s a team effort. Check it out.

Make an impact.

Fierce Impact is the social impact sister of Super Fierce. Run independently, but united in purpose: to empower women financially.

Fierce Impact is a not for profit, established to address the issues faced by women, support those suffering from the resulting societal impacts and to drive action to create a brighter future for all Australian women.

We’ve rolled up our sleeves and we’re raring to go. Check out the causes we care about below and let us know if there’s one we’ve missed. Be part of the change from the start and help us support the causes that mean the most to you.

Causes we care about

Let’s work together to see how we can help women in these situations

Got one we’ve missed? Let us know here.

Put simply, by helping you take control of your financial future, we can help secure the future of marginalised women around Australia.

Let’s do this!


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