Fierce. Fabulous. Free.

It’s pure magic!

That’s Super Fierce. And that’s you! It’s the change you make today that could have a huge impact on how you live tomorrow.

Fierce. Fabulous. Free.

That’s magic!

That’s Super Fierce. And that’s you! It’s the change you make today that could have a huge impact on how you live tomorrow. It’s your ticket to mountains in Nepal, living by the beach, or naps at noon… ’cause you deserve it and why the hell not?

We know that life isn’t simple. Neither is love, or work, or family, or trying to pick the perfect restaurant. The best things in life are never simple. But money? It doesn’t need to be complex.

We make super simple. That’s Super Fierce.

Our ethos is this: funds with lower fees put more money back in your pocket. By switching to a lower fee fund, the average Australian woman could save around $100,000 over their working life by cutting pointless super fees. Even when you consider the impact of inflation, it’s still around $66,000. That’s a lot of champagne. Or tango lessons. Or trips to Barcelona. It’s whatever you want it to be, because the change you make today means you can do whatever you want tomorrow.

Super Fierce is also a movement.

It’s a growing community of lovers, warriors and believers, all working together to build a brighter financial future. Our mission? Close the gap. Economic security and a fairer super system for everyone. And we do mean everyone. We lift women up, because when women do well, the world does well. We’re for community. And connection. And we know we need everyone, regardless of gender, age or race, on our side if we’re to achieve true equality. So, everyone is welcome here. We focus on women, but we’re for men too. And everyone in between!

Why we’re doing this.

Most of us have a woman in our life that we rely on. It could be a mother, a sister, a favourite aunt or that crazy friend who always knows when you need a laugh. But there are some women who don’t have that. So, we’re stepping in. That’s why every time we help someone change their super, part of our fee flows to Fierce Impact, our sister not-for-profit, to help put a smile on the dial of Aussie women in need.

Trenna, our Founder and CEO set a goal to generate $100 million to help women in need, generated from the fees from Super Fierce’s work for Australians with a bit more money. Ready to become one of the Aussies collaborating to make life better for those in need?

Super Fierce is a work of love from a small team of passionate social entrepreneurs. We know a lot about money and business, but we care more about doing good than doing well. Sound like bad business? We don’t think so. When others do well, our impact will grow, communities will thrive, and the business will flourish.

How We Do Good

When you make a change to your super with Super Fierce we donate 10% of your fee to Fierce Impact Pty Ltd, our sister not for profit company, to fund social impact initiatives that support Aussie women in need.